ROOT All-In-One Plant Food (8 oz.)

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ROOT Plant All-In-One Food is ideal for any type of plant from veggies to flowers. For indoor and outdoor use throughout your plant’s growth cycle for the healthiest, hardiest plants.


PLANT POWER: Derived from coastal plant extracts, our ROOT Plant All-In-One Food is specially formulated using our Natural and Organic Technologies process. With a well-balanced N-P-K ratio, ROOT All-In-One Plant Food™ contributes to plant health and abundant fruit sets by preventing secondary nutrient deficiencies.

NO ODOR: Unlike other natural nutrients that may have a fishy or eggy odor, our plant food is odorless.

MULITI-USE: ROOT All-In-One Plant Food is ideal for any type of plant. Use it indoors or outdoors, on everything from succulents to tomatoes.

ALL-IN-ONE: Use ROOT All-In-One Plant Food during all stages of plant growth.

NATURAL PESTICIDE: Can be sprayed with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and nematicides.

NO PH ADJUSTMENTS: ROOT All-In-One Plant Food just needs to be mixed with water and added as needed.