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What the heck is hydroponic gardening?

Hydroponic gardening is a style of growing plants without soil and instead delivers nutrient infused water directly to the root systems. Using a controlled environment, plants receive the proper care that allows them to grow efficiently.

What is the grow yield on the ROOT Indoor Garden?
  • One harvest from The ROOT Indoor Garden System will yield 12 mature plants, ranging from 4-8oz (depending on the variety). A standard bunch of kale or head of Bibb lettuce usually weighs around 6.75 oz.

  • You can also harvest the tender baby leaves of your plants while they are still young (around 30 days) snipping away the top and outer layers of leaves and letting more grow back. This promotes fuller foliage to develop.
How many months is a growing cycle, or harvest, and is it season-dependent?

A growing cycle can range anywhere from 30 days for a head of lettuce up to 90 days for a flowering vegetable such as a cherry tomato. Luckily, you can grow indoors any season. Should you wish to transplant your ROOT plants, outdoors, check first to make sure the plant can withstand the climate and season.

How big is The ROOT Indoor Garden System?

The ROOT Indoor Garden System is 30" tall and 12" wide. It's best situated on a flat countertop surface, side table, or floor in your home.

Can The ROOT Indoor Garden System grow taller plants?

Yes, we will be selling a $20 extender pack that will extend your Indoor Garden and irrigation system by 7”. That means you can grow plants up to 24" in the The ROOT Indoor Garden System.

How often do I have to water my ROOT Indoor Garden?

The ROOT app will notify you with a reminder when to add water and nutrients. The ROOT Indoor Garden System typically only needs more water and nutrients every two weeks, depending on the humidity and temperature of your environment. No need to worry because ROOT will notify you on your smart device when it is low on water and nutrient and status of your plants.

How do I maintain my ROOT Indoor Garden System?

Between each growing cycle, the reservoir is easily removable to access for cleaning. Simply empty and rinse out the reservoir, remove your old plants, fill with fresh water and plant your new ROOT Earth Friendly Pods.

How is the ROOT Indoor Garden different than other hydroponic products on the market?

The ROOT Indoor Garden System has the ability to grow a wide variety of herbs and vegetables within small or cramped spaces. It is a plug-and-play system that has all the integrated components you need to start growing: a premium grow light and a self-watering system. The ROOT Indoor Garden System’s aesthetic integrates seamlessly into your life.

  • More plants and higher yield per square foot than comparable growing units

  • The vertical design allows your plants a large container space, giving them the ability to spread out and grow similarly to how they would outdoors

  • Adaptable to your lifestyle - fits on a countertop, tabletop, closet or floor, allowing for better portability
Why are LEDs used?

LEDs are more efficient and use less energy than standard grow lights. Traditional grow bulbs emit light in every direction, wasting light energy while also dissipating a large amount of heat. LEDs minimize the amount of energy required to supply proper horticultural lighting. Additionally, fewer resources are used in LED manufacturing, avoiding the use of mercury or lead. Our LEDs provide full spectrum lighting, so no need to tamper with a T6, fuss with a fluorescent, or overheat with a halide.

Who manufactures ROOT?

ROOT is a division of Ohneka Farms Inc. PBC, developers of smart urban farming solutions.

Ohneka (pronounced oh-nek-a) means water in Mohawk. Water references the core principles at Ohneka Farms, where they put systems thinking at the forefront of what they do. Water is life– it embodies the complex interconnectedness that yields the problems that we strive to solve everyday. It is at the heart of Ohneka Farm’s mission to bring organic produce to the individual in food deserts and urban environments through their hydroponic growing systems, green wall structures, and community farms.

Ohneka Farms strives to remove dependency on big agriculture in areas often disadvantaged from obtaining locally grown food while encouraging sustainable economies within the greater community. Ohneka Farms wants to work with individuals and groups to make our homes greener and our people healthier. In the coming months, they will be adding sustainably made products to our line of custom services.