In a busy world that moves non-stop, home is a place to grow more conscious of the things that truly matter. Home is a place to reconnect, reflect and reinvigorate, establish our ROOTs.

We believe that there’s nothing like gathering around the table with friends and family and feeding off the intimacy it generates. Filling your space with fresh flowers. The power of plants is constant, reliable and real.

We are a team of passionate friends and farmers, designers and developers, programmers and Planeteers who are rooting for a healthier tomorrow - from creating gardens of the future to designing smart technologies that connect and protect people and the planet. ROOT was born of our desire to bring the joys of living with nature and growing plants close to ourselves. But also from our awareness that plants are our future.
— Brielle Pettinelli, ROOT Co-Founder


Brielle is an agriculturalist and product design engineer.  And for as long as she can remember, she’s had dirt under her fingernails.

Eric is an architectural and product designer. Always an explorer, he would spend hours in the backwoods of his family home in New York, roaming, biking, catching fireflies, architecting new spaces.

The two were both interested in urban agricultural design and decided to join forces to continue their lifelong passion for growing.

To truly understand the food ‘circle of life’ Eric and Brielle uprooted their lives - left their jobs, left the city and planted themselves in the hills of upstate New York where they built Ohneka Farms: an organic micro-farm. And it was a truly perfect design. The inputs were of the highest plant nutrition (compost concoctions, seashells, grass clippings). The outputs were the best damn produce you’ve ever tasted, beautiful flowers, and mushrooms as big as a human head. Bright and colorful, tried and true. People were blown away by the colors, taste and texture. Professional chefs used our ingredients and embraced the idea of buying local to Westchester, New York.

A real farm is a ton of work though. So they asked: “how could we encapsulate this experience into one everyone can enjoy? Our lives are busy. We all want to taste the farm, but it is so far from reach. It’s an experience even our favorite natural grocers can’t provide.” So they wanted to create the opportunity to allow others to explore this world. It turns out that everyone wants to grow something fresh. And so ROOT was born.

ROOT roots us to the traditions that make us strong and empowers us to push beyond what we once experienced to be limitations.  ROOT provides the tools for you to create your own growing experience.

Now they’ve cultivated a collaborative team whose skill sets and backgrounds entwine technology, biology and art to make ecology the focus of smart design.



The name ROOT speaks to the many roots we have in our lives:

In nature, ROOTS plant anchor, ground and support plants. They are a plant’s lifeline. They take up air, water, and nutrients from the soil and move them up into the leaves where they interact with sunlight to produce energy for the plant. That is the magic of how things grow. 

Our ROOTS are our families and friends - the heart of our heritage, community and connections. Just as the nourishment and stability of a plant depend on its ROOT system, we humans are sustained and stabilized by our personal ROOT eco-system and it runs deep in us.

There are ROOTs in math and they lead us to a perfect solution to any problem.

But there are also ROUTES – which are the pathways that lead us from one place to another.  Those routes form our course of action.  We see plants as the route to our health and well-being and the future of the environment.

Of course, there is the act of upROOTing which inspires change. And we believe it’s time to upROOT the broken ecosystem and pioneer a better food future by bringing the solutions home.

Finally the act of ROOTing for something is about cheering enthusiastically, supporting and encouraging the hope of a positive future.