PERFECT LIGHT. Premium full-spectrum LED grow light that mimics natural sunlight so your garden grows more quickly.

GROW ON THE GO. Connect the ROOT Indoor Garden system to your WiFi network and it syncs wirelessly to your mobile device to send you reminders for when to add more water and ROOT All-In-One Plant Food.

ENERGY EFFICIENT. Our Premium full-spectrum LED grow lights are energy efficient and don’t dissipate intense heat when powered on – no need to compensate with fans or risk drying out your yield. The ROOT Indoor Garden saves money compared to other gardening systems.


BUILT TO LAST. The ROOT Indoor Garden is made from lightweight impact resistant materials and food-grade resins that are FDA approved.

NATURAL GROWING. The ROOT Starter Kit comes with a mix of the highest quality Non-GMO Project Verified, USDA certified organic seeds.

PATENT PENDING HYDROPONIC TECHNOLOGY. Grow more plants in a tighter space, just using air and water. Our irrigation system uses less water per cycle compared to traditional gardens by watering and aerating plants directly at their root systems.