ROOT is a smart, connected device that allows you to grow a variety of plants indoors with minimal upkeep.

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ROOT is the first smart grow system on the market to utilize a fully automated Premium LED Grow Lights and recirculating water system addressing the specific needs of the plant varieties you’re growing.

How does ROOT work?

Always on the go?

Now you can control the entire grow operation with the swipe of your finger!

Features and Benefits

The Right Light

Your ROOT system comes with a Premium LED Grow Lights that maximize output and yield. Our lights mimics the natural sunlight stream that plants crave so your garden will flourish faster and grow more quickly.

Grow on the Go

ROOT is your mobile garden network. All you have to do is connect your ROOT system to your preferred WiFi network and it syncs wirelessly to your mobile device while also connecting you to a community of smart-gardeners.

Energy Efficient

ROOT’s state of the art Premium LED Grow Lights are energy efficient and don’t dissipate intense heat when they are on - you don’t need to compensate with fans and risk drying out your yield. ROOT will save you money compared to other gardening systems all while giving you a garden at your finger-tips.

Built to Last

ROOT is made from lightweight materials allowing you to easily move your garden around your home. Our plastic is constructed to be impact resistant and is made using food-grade resins that are FDA approved.

Natural Growing

The ROOT Starter Kit comes with a mix of the highest quality Non-GMO Project Verified, certified organic seeds. Additionally, our specially formulated plant food is derived from natural nutrient-rich plant-based, vegan ingredients.

Hydroponic Technology

ROOT’s patent pending technology allows you to grow more plants in a tighter amount of space, eliminating soil and instead using just air and water. Our irrigation system uses less water per cycle compared to traditional gardens by watering and aerating plants directly at their root systems.

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What people are saying about ROOT

Paired with its smartphone app, the sleekly designed, pod-based hydroponic growing system allows people to harvest the green stuff without stressing too much about the details.
— John Paul Titlow, Fast Company
If you have a soft spot for herb gardens but find yourself without a yard, patio or a sunny climate, we have good news. There's a new countertop garden called ROOT.
— Sarah-Jane Bedwell, Self
ROOT looks like a contemporary sculpture or a plant from Alice in Wonderland...imagine ROOT as the Keurig of urban gardens.
— Alex Brook Lynn, Collectively
The compact horticulture system takes the complexity out of cultivation and makes it possible for people without any experience to harvest a quality crop.
— Mike Adams, High Times
As someone who killed a great deal of oregano trying to grow inside, I like how ROOT idiot proofs it.
— Brett Topche, MentorTech Ventures
If you dream of having an herb garden, ROOT from Ohneka Farms can help make that a reality.
— Randi Zuckerberg, Zuckerberg Media
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At ROOT, we see our growing systems as a first step towards a groundswell solution to identifying ways that technology can aid with food supply and environmental challenges. We know that a greener world is a healthier and happier world.

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